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Symposium on new paradigms in fluorescence-based approaches to study membrane proteins

This one-day symposium on "New paradigms in fluorescence-based approaches to study membrane proteins” covered numerous cutting-edge approaches, including single molecule FRET studies, incorporation of fluorescent unnatural amino acids and optogenetics. The program featured top researchers in the field from the US, Europe and Denmark: 

Francisco Bezanilla, Univ. of Chicago Kevin Eggan, Harvard University  
William Zagotta, Univ. of Washington Christopher Ahern, Univ. of Iowa
Teresa Giraldez, University La Laguna Dirk Trauner, LMU Munich
Poul Nissen, Aarhus University Dimitrios Stamou, Univ. of Copenhagen

Stephan Pless, Copenhagen, stephan.pless@sund.ku.dk
Hanne Poulsen, Aarhus, hp@mbg.au.dk

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Save the date: Novo Nordisk Symposium ‘Studying membrane protein with light’ on    16 Nov 2017 – details to follow