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Strømgaard lab – University of Copenhagen

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Welcome to the Strømgaard Laboratory

In the Strømgaard lab, we combine tools from chemistry and biology, and apply these in peptide and protein engineering. Our aims are to develop modulators for protein-protein interactions and to provide molecular-level insight herein. We are interested in protein-protein interactions that are therapeutically relevant, in particular between integral membrane proteins and their intracellular protein partners, also known as receptor-complexes.

Targeting P
rotein-Protein interactions

We combine solid-phase peptide synthesis, organic chemical synthesis, and peptide microarrays with protein expression, biochemical assays, and biophysical techniques in order to develop modulators of protein-protein interactions. Examples include development of dimeric peptide-based inhibitors of PSD-95, and super-binding peptides targeting gephyrin.

Molecular Details of Protein-Protein Interactions

We employ peptide microarrays, incorporation of unnatural amino acids and protein semi-synthesis to address molecular determinants of protein-protein interactions, for instance regulation of interactions by post-translational protein modification. Examples include site-specific introduction of cross-linking amino acids, backbone modifications, and post-translational modifications, in particular site-specific phosphorylation, of therapeutically relevant proteins.

Funding and Affiliations