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Group activities

September 2019,
Lab outing at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Kølster Microbrewery, followed by dinner and good bye to Andreas. Thank you so much for the invaluable contribution to the lab over the years buddy and best of luck at Novo. You will be sorely missed around here!! Photo credit: Bengt.

July 2019, Bengt defended his PhD thesis, discussing his work with the assessment committee: Phil Dawson (Scripps Research, La Jolla), Thomas B. Poulsen (Aarhus University), and Kristian Strømgaard (UCPH). Very well done Bengt!

June 2019, Carlos defended his PhD thesis, discussing his work with the assessment committee: Ralph Mazitschek (Harvard Medical School), Thomas E. Nielsen (Novo Nordisk A/S), and Knud J. Jensen (UCPH). Very well done Carlos!

January, Center for Biopharmaceuticals annual retreat at Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten.

December, Olsen lab Christmas party 2018.

November, Group retreat in Athens.

August, Olsen Lab alumnus, Pablo Martín-Gago presents at the Danish Chemical Society Annual Meeting at SDU.

August, Delegates from the lab presenting at this year's ACS National Fall Meeting in Boston. Left to right: Carlos (poster), Kathrin (poster), Alexander (poster), Michael (oral), and Isabelle (oral).

June, Carlos sends a "postcard" from Boston where he is doing his external stay in the Haggarty Lab at Mass General Hospital.

June, Group event starting with meeting in the Maersk Tower with a view of Cph, followed by escape room event, and dinner at Turkish restaurant Mangal.

February, Rita successfully defended her PhD thesis. Here discussing her work with Prof. Wolfgang Sippl from Halle-Wittenberg. Congratulations Rita.

January 2018, the lab attends this year's Visions in Chemistry The Torkil Holm Symposium.

January 2018, Iacopo defended his PhD thesis, discussing his work with the assessment committee: Antonello Mai (Sapienza, Rome), Christian Tornøe (Novo Nordisk A/S), and Brian Lohse (UCPH). Very well done Iacopo!

January 2018, Nima defended his PhD thesis. Well done Nima and thanks to the committee: Matthew Fuchter (Imperial College), Mads Clausen (DTU), and Rasmus Prætorius Clausen (UCPH).

January 2018, CBP held its 4th annual retreat at Borupgaard discussing innovation in academic science projects.

November 2017, celebrating Nima et al.'s paper in Angewandte Chemie.

October 2017, group retreat in Riga.

August 2017, ready for the banquet at the Benzon Symposium in Copenhagen.

June 2017, we said goodbye to Betül and Jonas, celebrating their jobs in industry and thanking them for their invaluable contributions over the years.

May 2017, Center for Biopharmaceuticals picnic.

October 2016, group retreat in Dublin.

November 2014, Olsen and Pless groups moving into the labs at UCPH.

November 2013, herring fishing at Øresund.