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CBP Prize Winners at DRA Summer School – University of Copenhagen

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31 August 2018

CBP Prize Winners at DRA Summer School

Best oral and poster presentations

3 PhD students from the Center for Biopharmaceuticals won prizes at the DRA Summer School 2018. A 3rd year student won a prize for one of the best oral presentations amongst the 3rd year students, and 2 2nd year PhD students got prizes for best posters.

The Center for Biopharmaceuticals was well-represented amongst the award winners with winners from all 3 Labs, who were following in the the footsteps of their PhD student predecessors.

Best oral presentation
23 PhD students in the 3rd year presented their PhD projects orally at the DRA summer school 2018. Bengt Gless, a  3rd year PhD student at the Olsen Lab, got one of the three prizes given for the best oral presentations for his lecture on synthesis, SAR, and identification of auto-inducing peptides.

Best poster presentations
42 PhD students in the 2nd year presented their PhD projects on posters. Prizes were given for the six best posters. Vita Sereikaite of the Strømgaard Lab and Zeshan Sheikh from the Pless Lab won prizes for their poster presentations.

 For all the prizes check out the the Drug Research Academy's webpage.

Congratulations to all!