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With cutting-edge chemical biology approaches we aim to create peptides and proteins with novel properties in order to develop advanced protein-based drug candidates.

The Center for Biopharmaceuticals builds on the strong multidisciplinary relationship between the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology and the Department of Pharmacy – the two pharmaceutical departments within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The Center opened on 1 January 2014 and has received a 'beacon' grant of 35 million DKK from the University of Copenhagen over the next five years for studies in protein medicinal chemistry.

Olsen lab

We use chemical entities to explore biology. Our current interests include novel peptido-mimetic foldamers, macrocyclic HDAC inhibitors and quorum sensing modulators, as well as lysine deacylase substrate specificity.

Pless lab

Using a combination of synthetic amino acids and spectroscopic approaches, we focus on the function and pharmacology of a therapeutically relevant class of membrane proteins called ion channels.

Strømgaard lab

We combine chemistry and biology to study therapeutically relevant proteins. This entails developing inhibitors of protein–protein interactions and studying proteins using semi-synthesis and unnatural mutagenesis.


  • Benzon Symposium 2017


    Benzon Symposium 2017 “New Paradigms of Protein Engineering – Applications in Modern Medicine”: a fantastic line up of speakers »

  • Paper in eLife from the Pless group


    Work led by postdoc Timothy Lynagh sheds new light on how the pore region of a neuronal ion channel selects for sodium ions »

  • CBP Picnic 2017


    The weather could not have been better for the CBP Picnic. Check out the photos. »

  • Annual Report 2016


    The Annual Report 2016 for the Center of Biopharmaceuticals has just been published. It provides scientific highlights and reports on the Center's activities, scientific output, and grants obtained. »

  • ERC anniversary event: Celebrating ten years of excellent research in Europe


    Last week, the ten year anniversary of the European Research Council (ERC) was celebrated in the Old Banquet Hall of the University of Copenhagen. As one of the recent grantees, Professor Christian Adam Olsen from the Center of Biopharmaceuticals participated in celebrating excellent research in Europe and Denmark. »

  • Front cover of Nature Chemical Biology


    A paper by Professor Kristian Strømgaard and Assistant Professor Hans Michael Maric has made it to the front cover of Nature Chemical Biology in February 2017. »

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28 September 2017
DRA/CBP Symposium: Chemical Biology of Cyclic Peptides, 14:00-18:00

29 September 2017
PhD Defense, Hang Zhang (Strømgaard Lab)

21 November 2017
PhD Defense, Federica Gasparri (Pless Lab)

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